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donderdag, 09 augustus 2018

New EC website on Brexit preparedness

New EC website on Brexit preparedness

The European Commission has created a new webpage called 'Brexit preparedness".

This webpage is available here.

The services of the European Commission strongly advises companies, which are looking at the implications of Brexit for their business, to look at these Notice to Stakeholders.

The webpage is divided in three sections and will be updated on a regular basis:

  1. Preparedness notices: with the notifications from the different EU services (DGs) on how Brexit would change law and policy in their area of works (it includes a broad range of topics from data protection to fisheries and aquaculture). In other words, what are the legal and practical effects of the UK becoming a third-country (often referred to as the “worst case scenario”)
  2. Legislative initiatives: with the formal decisions taken resulting from the withdrawal of the UK from the EU (e.g. relocation of the European Medicines Agency and Banking Authority)
  3. Other preparedness activities which includes at the moment information on the technical working group on risk management in the area of financial services and a communication on UK withdrawal